Awesome Grace Cotons - Coton de Tulear Breeder in British Columbia

Awesome Grace Coton Kennel - Coton de Tuléars

Located in Squamish, British Columbia, we are a family run kennel that loves and breeds Coton de Tulears. Our Dams and Sires are of world champion's bloodline lineage and are fine examples of this spectacular breed.

Coton de Tulear Puppy Pictures and information about the breed and our pack of Cotons are available via the menu on the left.

Known as a playful, affectionate, and intelligent breed with a light cotton-like coat - cotons make wonderful companions and family members, peeking at you with their dark beautiful eyes from under their long bangs. Their coats are straight or slightly wavy, and their type almost resembles a miniature sheepdog.

We are a home and family run kennel; after years of loving and breeding Old English Sheepdogs, we decided that this large breed was too powerful for most families. We have always had a passion for Old English Sheepdogs and loved sharing the opportunity to own these lovely and amazing dogs. We went on a search for a breed with similar personality and characteristics, strong, lovable, yet and ultimately smaller; so enter the Coton de Tulears. Our first Coton simply didn't seem sufficient to fill our big house, so we added 2 more from a breeder in the USA. Eventually we found Woodland Cottage Cotons and Micky Ceriez, her love for Cotons and Old English Sheep dogs so impressed us that it became our goal to fill out our breeding ranks with largely her lineage. Through two years of mentoring from Micky Ceriez and another breeder in Germany (Susane Gaertner of Lilly White Cotons) we have learned so much from both of them. Micky is determined to breed with intent to improve the Coton breed out of pure love and care rather then out of a desire to bank profits. We ultimately hope to follow in Micky's footsteps and produce true and high quality puppies as a continuation of her the Woodland Cottage line, and strive to first and foremost improve the Coton breed.

We occasionally have puppies available, so if you are ready for a new best friend with a white cotton coat, don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiry or to place your reservation.


- Awesome Grace Coton Kennel; Squamish/Vancouver/Lower Mainland, British Columbia.